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EPPO signs working arrangement with the Hellenic National Transparency Authority

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The European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) signed a working arrangement yesterday (10 February 2022) with the Hellenic National Transparency Authority (NTA).

The EPPO and the NTA agree to establish modalities and channels for the exchange of information and the NTA will make sure that the European Delegated Prosecutors (EDPs) have access to appropriate scientific and technical assistance for their investigations. Moreover, the NTA will conduct investigations in EPPO cases as a matter of priority, and further possibilities for cooperation between the two bodies will be explored, especially when it comes to the exchange of strategic information.


signing working agreement
Angelos Binis, Governor of the NTA
Laura Kövesi, European General Prosecutor, signing working arrangement
Laura Kövesi, European Chief Prosecutor



Access the working arrangement document on our website: