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European Chief Prosecutor sends letter to Slovenian Minister of Justice

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The European Chief Prosecutor has sent a letter to Slovenian Minister for Justice Ms Lilijana Kozlovič, following a meeting this morning with Ms Tamara Gregorčič, the President of the State Prosecutorial Council of Slovenia, and Mr Drago Šketa, Slovenia’s General State Prosecutor.

The procedure to select two European Delegated Prosecutors for Slovenia was finalised in early December 2020 but almost five months later, the EPPO has yet to receive a nomination. Considering that the expected start-date of our operations is 1 June and that, before being able to actually work for the EPPO, the nominated candidates need to be appointed, equipped and trained by the EPPO, Ms Kӧvesi expressed her deep concern about the situation, and urges the Slovenian government to nominate its candidate European Delegated Prosecutors.