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High-level visit from Italian Polizia di Stato to EPPO headquarters

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Today, senior officials of the Italian State Police (Polizia di Stato) visited the headquarters of the EPPO in Luxembourg.

The European Chief Prosecutor and the two Deputy European Chief Prosecutors welcomed the Italian delegation: Prefect Francesco Messina, Central Anti-Crime Director; Dr Fausto Lamparelli, Director of the Central Operations Service; Dr Marco Garofalo, Director of the 1st division of the Central Operational Service dealing with anti-mafia; Dr Cristina Villa, Director of the 4th division of the Central Operational Service; and Deputy Commissioner Roberto Ferola Tesorino, manager of the 2nd Area of the General Affairs Office of the Central Anti-Crime Directorate.

On the agenda were strategic issues regarding organised crime, and the cooperation between the EPPO and Polizia di Stato.


Representatives of EPPO meeting the delegation