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Statement from the European Chief Prosecutor with regard to Slovenia

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Statement from European Chief Prosecutor Laura Kövesi:

"The EPPO has been created to improve the level of protection of the financial interests of the EU. We haven’t been set up to allow anyone to put cases in a drawer. The EPPO can start operations without Slovenian European Delegated Prosecutors. But this means that the level of protection of the financial interests of the EU will decrease in Slovenia. You cannot efficiently investigate all the suspicions of fraud without European Delegated Prosecutors. Moreover, the European Delegated Prosecutors in Slovenia have to be considered as a key instance in the overall architecture ensuring proper and complete supervision of bodies responsible for the management and control of Union funds. The manifest lack of sincere cooperation of the Slovenian authorities with the EPPO seriously undermines the trust in the effective functioning of the management and control systems for EU funds in Slovenia."