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Participating EU Member States

Out of the 27 EU Member States, 24 currently participate in the EPPO. The interactive map below shows the current EPPO Member States (in dark blue):

By clicking on each individual Member State page, you can find more information about the European Prosecutors and the regional EPPO offices. The College of the EPPO consists of one European Prosecutor per participating Member State, is based in Luxembourg and is chaired by the European Chief Prosecutor. Each participating country has at least two European Delegated Prosecutors conducting the investigations in their home country.

Non-participating EU Member States

Out of all EU Member States, so far, Hungary decided not to join the EPPO. Denmark and Ireland have an opt-out from the area of freedom, security and justice (AFSJ).

Judicial cooperation in criminal matters with these countries is based on EU instruments for which the EPPO is notified as the competent authority pursuant to Article 105(3) of the EPPO Regulation.

To facilitate judicial cooperation and strategic exchange of information, a working arrangement with the Office of the Prosecutor General of Hungary entered into force on 6 April 2021 and a working arrangement with the Danish Ministry of Justice entered into force on 31 August 2023.