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EPPO indicts 4 for fictitious overevaluation of machinery in Slovakia

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On 30 May 2021, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office filed an indictment before the Specialised Criminal Court in Slovakia concerning criminal charges against three natural persons and one legal person. The accusations concern a fraud to the European Regional Development Fund amounting to almost 375.000, unlawful application for the refund of VAT in the amount of more than 137.000, as well as tax evasion for more than 29.500. The fraud is alleged to have been committed by declaring the purchase of machinery as domestic, and executed through a fictitious chain of buffer companies which were complicit the accused. The persons are accused of having committed the criminal offences as part of an organised crime group. If proven, the facts could bring to the imposition of criminal sanctions including an imprisonment of between 7 and 16 years.