Currently, 22 EU Member States participate in the enhanced cooperation. So far, Hungary, Poland and Sweden have decided not to join the EPPO. Denmark and Ireland have an opt-out from the area of freedom, security and justice (AFSJ). Working arrangements with these five non-participating Member States are being established to define how the EPPO will cooperate with them.

Each of the 22 participating countries has a European Prosecutor based in the College of the EPPO in Luxembourg, chaired by the European Chief Prosecutor. Each participating country will also have at least two European Delegated Prosecutors (EDPs), who will conduct the investigations in their home country.


Participating EU Member States

Austria Estonia Latvia Romania
Belgium Finland Lithuania Slovakia
Bulgaria France Luxembourg Slovenia
Croatia Germany Malta Spain
Cyprus Greece Netherlands  
Czechia Italy Portugal  


Non-participants (may join any time)






Opt-out from AFSJ