Vacancies and Open Calls

How to apply

This specification relates ONLY to the Temporary Agent positions advertised above:

Until 31st May 2022, in application of Article 97 of the EPPO Founding Regulation, a candidate that

  • would be offered this AD 10 Temporary Agent 2(f) position, and

  • would be employed as a Temporary Agent 2 (a) or (f) with another European Union’s Institution, Office, Agency or Body at the date of hiring by the EPPO,

may be offered, upon her/his request, continuity of his/her current contract conditions (including seniority - grade and step - and pension calculation basis) if his/her current employment contract is at grade AD 7, AD 8, AD 9 or AD 10. If her/his employment contract is AD 11 or above, it is left to the discretion of the EPPO.